Last Update: 1/17/12

eMINTS@Lincoln University

Our conceptual framework identifies three approaches to learning: enduring understanding, engaging pedagogy, and evolving worldview. We believe our Instructional Technology program and eMINTS embodies these philosophical approaches to learning.

The hands on, student centered approach allows the students to feel ownership in their learning, thus giving them a better chance to develop a deeper and richer understanding of the content and how that content can be applied to real world situations.

As teachers, we promote the student centered, constructivist approach to learning which translates into students and faculty being engaged in the learning process.

In constructing multimedia projects, we encourage students to explore the internet, include local area experts, and correspond with students throughout the world. The exploration of the internet along with the many opportunities to participate in various online projects, virtual field trips, and email correspondence, allows our students to develop a more encompassing worldview. Combine this with the fact that LincolnUniversity already provides a diverse student population, and we are moving towards enriching our curriculum with an evolving worldview.

We know that we all must get along, listen and learn from one another, and form a community of learners that includes the classroom, the department, the school, the community, the state, the nation, and the world. We stress the idea of not seeing ourselves in isolation. eMINTS becomes a wonderful example of how a community of learners can impact our entire education system in a positive way.

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