Last Update: 1/17/12

Resources to Help You Study for Required Tests

Here you will find resources to help you study to take the Praxis ll or the CBASE test.

The Praxis II Content Knowledge/Specialty Area Assessments are included among the Praxis Series of professional examinations, which was developed and is administered by the Educational Testing Service. The assessments are designed to measure knowledge of specific subjects and teaching skills that candidates for K-12 certification have acquired through the completion of professional education programs. The Missouri State Board of Education has adopted the following assessments and their respective qualifying scores for each corresponding area of professional certification.

Source: MO Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education

The College Basic Academic Subjects Examination (CBASE) is a test of general education knowledge that was developed by the Assessment Resource Center at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Consisting of five parts, including a writing component, the CBASE assesses knowledge in four subject areas: language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Concurrently, the exam also measures three cross-disciplinary competencies: interpretive reasoning, strategic reasoning, and adaptive reasoning. Proficiencies in these knowledge and skill areas are usually attained by completing a curriculum of general academic studies during the first two years of college.

Source: MO Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education

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